The Pathways to Resilience Dialogues

In the fall of 2013, Movement Strategy Center (MSC) launched the Pathways to Resilience (P2R) Initiative in partnership with the Kresge Foundation Environment Team, the Emerald Cities Collaborative and the Praxis Project. The goals of the P2R Initiative are to support the field to:

1Define a new climate resilient vision and agenda with pragmatic pathways that can bridge the gap between mitigation and adaptation by advancing an integrated, holistic resilience frame that incorporates the human, economic and social impacts of the transition with the best of technical responses.
2Transform the field and the national conversation on climate mitigation and adaptation, promoting new thought leadership and the capacity to engage low income and people of color communities in the venues where climate policies are being formulated and enacted.
3Identify opportunities for joint action and support the ongoing refinement and advancement of the holistic climate resilient agenda over time.
4Lift up the best of what is being done to advance climate resilience in communities around the country and bring those efforts to appropriate scale.

Pathways to Resilience EBOOK