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About the Pathways to Resilience (P2R) Partners

The Kresge Foundation is a $3 billion private, national foundation that works to expand opportunities in America’s cities through grantmaking and investing in arts and culture, education, environment, health, human services and community development efforts in Detroit. In 2013, the Board of Trustees approved 316 awards totaling $122 million; $128 million was paid out to grantees over the course of the year. In addition, our Social Investment Practice made commitments totaling $17.7 million in 2013. For more information, visit kresge.org.

Movement Strategy Center works with grassroots organizations, alliances, and networks, as well as funders, to build powerful and transformative social justice movements. For more information, visit movementstrategy.org.

The Praxis Project is a nonprofit movement support intermediary and an institution of color that supports organizing and change work at local, regional and national levels. Focused on movement building for fundamental change, our mission is to build healthy communities by changing the power relationships between people of color and the institutional structures that affect their lives. For more information visit praxisproject.org.

Emerald Cities Collaborative (ECC) is a national nonprofit network of organizations working together to advance a sustainable environment while creating economic opportunities for all. We’re headquartered in Washington D.C. and are working in ten “Emerald Cities” nationwide. Our local and national partners bring resources and expertise from the community, labor, business, and government sectors. For more information visit emeraldcities.org.

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